Help clean up the Kaaterskill Rail Trail and Kaaterskill Falls

KaaterskillFallsOn Sunday, October 5th from 9am to 11am, volunteers will be working to remove litter from the area surrounding the Kaaterskill Rail Trail and Kaaterskill Falls near the end of the Laurel House Road in Haines Falls, New York.

Volunteers should be sure to wear hiking boots; dress appropriately for the outdoor conditions and our activities; pack plenty of water to stay hydrated; and bring work gloves. The public is welcome to join work trips of the Catskill Conservation Corps. No experience is necessary and tools and training will be provided on site before we get started.

Following the work trip, volunteers are invited to join the Catskill Conservation Corps, the Trail Conference, the DEC, and other volunteers from throughout the Catskills at the 2014 Catskills Volunteer Appreciation Picnic being held at the North and South Lake State Campground and Day Use Area. For more information on the picnic, please visit

This day of service and recognition is part of the 2014 Catskills Lark in the Park, a 10-day celebration of the Catskill Park and the Catskill Mountains region. Visit for more information.

For more information, visit the Trail Conference page for this event

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One thought on “Help clean up the Kaaterskill Rail Trail and Kaaterskill Falls”

  1. Just some thoughts.
    The situation at K Falls is so bad, that I think the only chance for the area to recover is less usage. Not only is the trail and the falls a sad situation, the pedestrian traffic on the road leading from the parking lots is unbearable. I suggest we close the pull-off areas and all the parking lots. No one should be walking on that road! A new trail to K Falls should be made and it should be a hard one. It should be difficult, not easy to get to K Falls. The trail from Bastion Falls should be closed. The new trail must come from N-S Lake campgrounds, and people should pay to get in. The new trail can lead to near Layman’s Monument, and switch back down to the old trail, well above Bastion Falls and the road. The bottom view of the falls should be enough (temporarily) until we can come up with a safe way to get further up the trail, if we can. The area must recover from the beating it has taken in the last few years. I don’t like fences further desecrating the area. Leave it in peace for awhile. It will recover, there will be fewer rescue missions, and there will be some money made from the public that REALLY wants to see the falls, and the crazy parking and pedestrian situation will disappear. Let’s go back to the future!

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