Adirondack Mountain Club offering volunteer opportunities in the Catskills this summer

adk-logoSince 1986 the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) has been hosting volunteers to participate in trail projects. In that time over 10,000 volunteers have taken part in maintaining the trails in the Adirondack and Catskill Parks. ADK’s volunteer program is not just about the trails though. They can be certain that all 10,000+ volunteers who participated in the ADK volunteer program left with a sense of stewardship for the New York State Wild Forest and Wilderness areas. They know firsthand how much hard work, and how rewarding it is to keep our parks in tip-top shape.

The ADK will always remain dedicated, not only to continue with our volunteer program, but also to look for ways to expand and improve upon it. It is with that attitude that they decided to double the amount of volunteer opportunities next summer. The additional projects will focus on the trails in the Adirondack Park’s Eastern High Peaks and in the Catskill Park.

This year the work in the Catskills will consist of two 5-day high school volunteer outings. Students aged 14-17 will participate in hardening eroded sections of trail on Wittenberg Mountain and on the Mary’s Glen Trail. The participants will be camping at either the North and South Lake State Campground or the Woodland Valley State Campground.  Volunteers are welcome to join us for some or all of the work as we take care of the trails of the Catskills.

DSC_0464 copyThe first project will run from July 29th-August 3rd on the Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide trail.  The work will focus on installing drainage structures, and rock steps on the lower sections of the trail. The second project will run from August 5th-10th on the Mary’s Glen trail near North and South Lake.  The work will focus on installing stepping stones, and drainage structures on the lower sections of the trail.

For more information regarding all of ADK’s volunteer opportunities please visit

To indicate your interest in this work complete the form below.  We will send your information to ADK and they will contact you to let you know how you can get involved.


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