From Pest to Pesto! A Culinary Approach to Managing Invasive Plant Species Workshop on Sunday, May 10 in Fleischmanns

nik20110724DSC4802The Second Sundays Trail U series from the Catskill Region – New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and Spillian continues with a free workshop to turn garlic mustard from pest to pesto!

Wander on the trails at Spillian to forage for the invasive plant garlic mustard. This early maturing plant competes with some of the most special early spring natives in the Catskills and spreads like wildfire. But, it has two redeeming features! It tastes good. And it’s very good for you — it’s loaded with anti-oxidants.

You’ll forage garlic mustard in the woods and then gather in the Spillian kitchen to make garlic mustard pesto that you can take home with you. Learn how invasive species can be battled with knife and fork!

Bring your mom for Mother’s Day or make pesto for her. Glow with self righteousness as you hand her a healthy, sustainable, home made dinner! No guilt. Serious brownie points. Mama Earth will love you, too…

Be prepared to spend a few hours on the trails around Spillian as part of this workshop. Make sure to wear your hiking boots; dress appropriately for the outdoor conditions and trail work; pack plenty of water; and bring work gloves.

The even will be led by Will Soter, the Trail Conference’s Southern Catskills Co-Chair and a NYS Outdoor Guide and avid Catskills hiker. Trail Conference Catskills Program Coordinator Heather Rolland, and Spillian CEO and founder, Leigh Melander.

Refreshments will be served and you’ll have enough pesto for dinner when you leave.

This event is free and open to the public. Please register on the Trail Conference website so they know how many folks to prepare for!


About the Presenters:

Molly-Marquand-225x300Molly Marquand joined the Catskill Center in 2012 and as the coordinator of the CRISP program, oversees and organizes efforts to manage invasive species throughout the Catskill region. Molly has also worked with the New York City Natural Resources Group conducting vegetation surveys, the Greenbelt Native Plant Center on Staten Island, collecting locally sourced native seed to be used in restoration projects, and the New England Wildflower Society, conducting and coordinating rare plant surveys all over New England. When not at work Molly enjoys hiking with her dogs, riding her horses, and finding interesting plants to identify. Molly holds a B.A in Ecology from Bates college and a Msc in Botany from the University of Reading, England.

Will SoterWill Soter is the Trail Conference’s Trails Chair for the southern Catskills, CEO and Lead Guide of Upstate Adventure Guides,  and a registered New York State Guide.  Will has years of experience exploring and hiking throughout the Catskills and as a guide, he strives to provide a superior level of wilderness guidance, while maximizing the visitor’s experience.

Heather RollandHeather Rolland is an avid Catskills hiker, on staff with the Trail Conference as the Catskills Program Coordinator, a member of the Board of Directors of the Catskill 3500 Club and is currently working on her Catskills All Trails Patch.

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