From the Field: Huntersfield Lean-to Staining Project – May 30, 2015

On Saturday, May 30, nine intrepid souls faced daunting conditions to restain the Huntersfield shelter and clean up the area surrounding the lean-to!

Are you among the few, the strong, the adorable? Think you could manage to work in such unpleasant (cough cough) working conditions? Sign up for a work trip on the Catskill Conservation Corps website to find out! We guarantee cuteness, adventure and fun on every trip.

The Huntersfield Lean-to is located just to the north of the Catskill Park in Huntersfield State Forest .  The lean-to is along the Long Path, a north-south long distance trail managed by the Trail Conference running from New York City to the Mohwak River and which is envisioned to run to the Adirondacks.

Supplies and stain for the lean-to project were provided by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference’s Catskill Community Trails Fund.  You can donate to the fund to help trail, lean-to and stewardship projects throughout the Catskills.

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