The CCC takes a day off!

What does the Catskill Conservation Corps staff do on a day off? Hike in the Catskills, of course! On July 19, CCC Coordinator Heather Rolland explored the Escarpment Trail – all 23.9 glorious miles of it! And if you volunteer with the CCC, you could find yourself doing trail work or other projects in places as breath-taking as this.

2015-07-19 07.06.36
Early morning on the Escarpment Trail

What’s coming up?

There’s still a few slots left and time to register for the Trail Marking Clinic on Thursday July 23, on Ashokan High point. Learn to mark trails, do a little trail maintenance, and enjoy some amazing views! Email Heather at to sign up.

2015-07-19 09.05.28
Sunset Rock, Escarpment Trail

On August 1, we’re back at it, with a trail maintenance event that was scheduled for Giant’s Ledge. Since that trail is in great shape, we’ll be pulling a switcheroo, finding a trail in need of our loving touch — details to be announced as soon as possible!

Planning your Labor Day weekend? So are we! There will be a CCC work trip for sure, so make you are in the Catskills to join the fun!

Don’t forget the Volunteer Recognition Picnic held at the spectacular new Catskill Interpretive Center on September 12. Stay tuned for details!

2015-07-19 12.47.00
Check out the Devil’s Path in the distance.
You'll see wildlife!
You’ll see wildlife!

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