Notes From the Field: Vistas and Brownies

Two volunteers joined DEC and CCC staff on Ashokan High Point yesterday for day 2 of trail work and special projects on this beloved “low peak” of the Catskills. It was a perfectly Catskillian day – fog, drizzle, humidity, heat, sunshine, breezes and spectacular clouds… you know, typical Catskills weather.

hiking up AHP
hiking up AHP

We hiked up to the blueberry meadow, and Forester Dunn located the missing vista, almost fully grown in and hard to spot. And then they set to work, Dunn and his two SCA interns, selecting branches to trim and working systemically to open up the view. It took a really long time, but patience and perseverance paid off and the end result was nothing short of spectacular!


Homemade brownies were next on the agenda, as we sat back, enjoyed the newly restored vista, chatted with passing hikers.

After (with saw)
After (with saw)

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