BioBlitz at the Thorn Preserve in Woodstock

We’re having our second annual BioBlitz, an event where we spend a weekend sending out identification experts to categorize as many organisms on the property as possible. The end goal is to have a thorough idea of the species composition at the Thorn Preserve, and to use to the data to form a stewardship plan for the property.

We will be sending out 2-3 trained volunteers with each expert. The trained volunteers will be recording the organism’s common name, scientific name, gps location, habitat type it was found in, and some other data, taking pictures of each organism, and in general taking notes on behavior etc that the expert discusses.

We’re also looking for volunteers to direct parking, to man the refreshments table, to keep track of ID guidebooks and equipment that are lent out, and some other tasks.

We are looking for between 30 and 45 volunteers for the event, taking place from June 10th through June 11th. Our schedule for what time experts are coming will be up on our website soon. Our scheduled training days so far are Wednesday June 1st at 6 pm and Sunday June 5th at 11 am, both at the Thorn Preserve, which is located at 55 John Joy Road in Woodstock, NY.

If you cannot make the training’s, you are also welcome to come to the event and follow the experts around – this event is both for data collection and educational purposes.

Any questions or concerns please contact Virginia Luppino at

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