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Decommissioning the Batavia Kill Lean-to | 10/21-10/22

Out with the old, in with the new! Join us as we dismantle the shelter at Batavia Kill to reclaim and restore the land.

Join the Catskill Conservation Corps (CCC)  and Trail Conference volunteers for a demolition work trip at the site of the old Batavia Kill Lean-to. The trip will begin at parking area at the end of Big Hollow Rd. From there we will proceed to the old shelter, tools in hand!

Volunteers will dismantle the shelter, and properly dispose of the materials. Our work will allow soil and vegetation to recover, and will direct use towards the new site. The work on the shelter will involve demolition and heavy lifting, but the CCC will furnish gloves, safety glasses, and any tools required to perform this task!

Meet at the parking area at the end of Big Hollow Rd, at 08:30 sharp! Carpooling is strongly encouraged as parking is limited in the area. This is a two day event, if you are planning to attend only one day we ask that you contact the trip leader to make arrangements.

Please sign-up in advance so that we know how many people are coming and can let you know of any changes in plans.

Build the new Batavia Kill Lean-to|June 12th-18th|9:00-5:00


The Catskill Conservation Corps will be coordinating volunteer efforts to assist the DEC operations crew, with the construction of the new Batavia Kill Lean-to. Volunteers will participate in the preparation of the site, and construction of the lean-to structure. Site preparations include clearing, leveling, and removing vegetation.  Construction of the structure will require some heavy lifting, the use of ladders, and hand tools.

Volunteers will be provided safety equipment (hard hats, gloves, glasses), and tools( 3-4lb sledge hammers, impact drivers). To ensure to best fit and performance it is recommended that you bring personal protective equipment you are familiar with. We ask that all volunteers pack a lunch, snack and at least 2 qts or water. Sunscreen, and bug spray are optional, but can make the difference between a comfortable, or miserable day of service.

Volunteers will meet the crew leader at 9:00 at the end of Big Hollow Rd. each morning. For more information contact Catskill Conservation Corps, Assistant Director  Will Soter, Ph:518-628-4243 E: To register, complete the form below. Please indicate in the comments, if you plan to attend for one day, a few days, or the whole week.

Devil’s Path Trail Crew Trip|6/24 & 6/25|9:30-5:00


Join The Catskill Conservation Corps, Trail Crew on June 24th & 25th as we perform seasonal maintenance on the legendary Devil’s Path. We will make arrangements to stage vehicles at Predigger Rd, prior to 9:30 when we will meet at the Spruceton Rd trail head, in Westkill.

We ask that all volunteers dress appropriately for work on the trail. Sturdy footwear (hiking boots) are strongly recommended. Gloves and safety glasses are required. The crew will have some protective equipment available. However,  to ensure the best fit and performance it is suggested that you bring your own gloves, and glasses. Seasonal trail maintenance requires the use of hand saws, by-pass loppers, and other hand tools. You are welcome to bring your tools if you have some that you are comfortable using, or the Trail Crew will train you on the use of the tools we have.

The trip is held over the course of 2 days. There is an option to camp with the crew, or join for just one of the days. We ask that you state clearly in the registration form, if you plan on attending the outing for one or both days. For more information about this trip contact Will Soter, Assistant Director of the Catskill Conservation Corps, p: 518-628-4243 e:

To register for this event please complete the form below:

Elm Ridge Leanto Rehab

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Join the Catskills Trail Crew, as we perform routine upkeep on the Elm Ridge Leanto. Participants should wear clothing that can get dirty, as we will be staining the leanto on this trip. Volunteers should bring water, snacks, and a lunch.

Contact name:

Will Soter

Contact email:

Contact phone:

(518) 628-4243

Want to help build history in the Catskills?

Ever wonder what it would be like to build such a structure?  The Trail Conference (TC), with the cooperation of the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), is building two lean-to’s on the grounds of the Maurice Hinchey Visitors Center on Rt. 28 in Mt. Tremper, about a half hour west of Exit 19 (Kingston).

DEC has cut the necessary logs from a Central NY state forest and the TC had them trucked to the Visitor Center site.  This spring we have been peeling the bark off the logs, a tedious but enjoyable project.  Anyone who would like to be involved in this building phase is welcome to join us almost any Saturday (weather permitting) this summer, email us to sign up or for more information on the project.  Check www.nynjtc/catskills for progress and schedule.

Once the structure is pre-built at the Visitor Center’s site, it will be disassembled, packaged into bundles and transported to their final sites.  Site one will be in the vicinity of the old German Hollow Lean-to near Arkville.  This lean-to was crushed by three large ash trees during a micro burst several years ago.  The new leanto will be close to the Dry Brook Trail.

The second lean-to will replace the failing Batavia Kill Lean-to located just off the Escarpment Trail between Blackhead Mt. and Acra High Point.  The current lean-to was built in the 1960’s in a wet location.  The bottom logs have rotted, the structure is leaning and the floor has been destroyed by porcupines.

Once the bundled lean-tos are delivered to their respective sites, we will be looking for a large number of volunteers to clear the sites, gather stones for a foundation and put up the structure itself.  If putting up the John Robb Lean-to was any indication, this is a festive and rewarding time.  Watch the website mentioned above for dates.


Interested in Helping Build a New lean-to?

We will be starting prep work for the new leanto’s being built here in the Catskills starting this Friday at the Catskill Interpretive Center in Mt. Tremper, NY.  We will be removing the bark from the logs and other prepping activities.

Construction of the leantos will continue most every week  until completed in there new locations.  We are replacing the German Hollow Lean-to as well as the Batavia Kill Lean-to.

For more information or to register please email Doug Senterman at 

Free Lean-to Maintenance Workshop!

The Trail Conference and the Catskill Conservation Corps will be hosting this workshop that is open to the public and will provide information on Catskill Park Lean-tos, the Trail Conference’s volunteer maintenance effort of those lean-tos and the work that the Trail Conference is doing in the Catskill Mountains.

This workshop will cover the skills necessary to maintain a shelter (lean-to) so that it is ready for use by campers and is harmonious to its surroundings. Students will learn how to do an assessment of the overall shelter condition, cleaning and clearing the area, the proper use of tools and how to report the shelters condition. The entire workshop will be held at the Elm Ridge Lean-to for some hands-on experience.

No previous experience is necessary and beginners are welcome.  The workshop is free to attend and open to the public, however you must register.

All participants should wear sturdy hiking boots, snacks and plenty of water for the hike.Refreshments and snacks will be provided in the morning.  You should bring your own bag lunch to eat while at the lean-to.

The workshop will be help Sunday March 20th from 10 to 2.  To Sign up please visit: