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Intro to Shelter/ Lean-to Maintenance | Sunday, November 8th 10am to 2pm

The Trail Conference and the Catskill Conservation Corps will be hosting this workshop that is open to the public and will provide information on Catskill Park Lean-tos, the Trail Conference’s volunteer maintenance effort of those lean-tos and the work that the Trail Conference is doing in the Catskill Mountains.  The workshop will take place at Elm Ridge Lean-to near Windham.

This workshop will cover the skills necessary to maintain a shelter (lean-to) so that it is ready for use by campers and is harmonious to its surroundings. Students will learn how to do an assessment of the overall shelter condition, cleaning and clearing the area, the proper use of tools and how to report the shelters condition. The entire workshop will be held at the Elm Ridge Lean-to for some hands-on experience.

No previous experience is necessary and beginners are welcome.  The workshop is free to attend and open to the public, however you must register.

All participants should wear sturdy hiking boots, snacks and plenty of water for the hike.Refreshments and snacks will be provided in the morning.  You should bring your own bag lunch to eat while at the lean-to.

For more information and to register please visit http://nynjtc.org/workshop/intro-shelterleanto-maintenance-trail-u-1021

Help staff a Catskills Fire Tower this summer!

Mount_Tremper_Pic_2_WebVolunteer to help staff a Catskill Mountain Fire Tower this summer!

If you like climbing mountains, engaging the public and want to spend time above the treetops, think about joining the Catskill Fire Tower Project as a Volunteer Interpreter this summer. The Catskills are home to five fully restored fire towers. Located on Balsam Lake Mountain (in Hardenburgh), Hunter Mountain (near Hunter), Overlook Mountain (just outside Woodstock), Red Hill (in Denning) and Mount Tremper (near Phoenicia).

The towers once played a key role in detecting and pinpointing the location of forest fires. Modern fire-spotting techniques have replaced them, but thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers who supplied everything from engineering expertise to building skills, the New York State Department DEC, and nonprofit groups including the Trail Conference, the Adirondack Mountain Club and the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, the towers were all restored and reopened. Today, the towers offer visitors stunning 360-degree views of neighboring peaks and the surrounding landscape.

Hunter_Fire_Tower1Volunteers work in pairs to meet and greet visitors and answer their questions about the towers, the Catskill Mountains, and related topics. Each volunteer works a minimum of three weekend days, plus a day or two of on-site training, during a season that runs from Memorial Day through Columbus Day. The trails leading to the towers are all moderate hikes of one to three miles. Volunteers may hike in and out on the same day or stay overnight in summit cabins.

Volunteering for the Catskill Fire Tower Project is a fun and fulfilling way to meet people, share the experience of the beautiful Catskill Mountains, and help preserve a key piece of Catskills history.

For more information, visit the program’s website at www.catskillfiretowers.org.

To volunteer for the Catskill Fire Tower project, visit our Volunteer Page and submit your information indicating your interest in Fire Towers.