Volunteer with the CCC

CatskillConservationCorpsLogoVolunteers in the Catskills are responsible for a number of stewardship activities including work on trails, lean-tos, fire towers, fishing areas, boat launches and more.

Volunteers donate thousands of hours of their precious time annually to help maintain, protect, sustain and advocate for the Catskill Park.

The Catskill Conservation Corps work with New York State, non-profit partners and local communities in the region to identify volunteer opportunities region wide on a multitude of stewardship activities and direct volunteers to those opportunities.  By indicating your interest in a volunteer opportunity in the Catskill Park below, we will work with you to identify the best opportunity based on your interests and will contact you with available opportunities.

Opportunities range in commitment from a few hours, to a day to longer commitments where you are able to adopt a trail, lean-to or other resource. No experience is necessary, as the CCC will provide training and safety information for all of our activities, as well as provide tools and materials where necessary.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the Catskills.  We will be following up with you shortly to find the best opportunities that match your interests.

5 thoughts on “Volunteer with the CCC”

  1. The Catskill Mountains region has always been a very special place for me, having spent much time there throughout my life. It would be rewarding for me to do whatever I can to help preserve its beauty and inspire new generations to visit and enjoy.

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